Alyssa G.

7th Grade English Protfolio

My Portfolio Reflection

1. How would you describe your writing at the beginning of the year and how would you describe it now?

I would think of my writing skills now way better than in the starting of the year, because now I provide a lot of back up information on my writing than I used to.

2. What do you consider your writing strengths? Explain.

I would think that my writing strengths are writing stories. Because when we were writing our holocaust stories I enjoyed it a lot and I had so many ideas of what could happen.

3. What writing skills do you need and/or want to continue to develop next year? Explain.

I think that I should develop some more back up information skills, because I could be better at that.

4. What piece of writing from this year best captures your growth as a writer and thinker? Explain why.

I think that my Giver essay is my best essay that captures my growth, because in this essay we had to provide direct quotes from the book as evidence and there was a lot of evidence.

5. What piece of writing from this year are you most proud of? Explain why.

I think that my revised holocaust letter is the letter I'm most proud of, because I think that I did a really good job on expressing what I thought about the holocaust, and for me it was just really fun.

Artifact #1

The world in The Giver by Lois Lowry it is a dystopia because there is no excitement, no interesting stuff.

Jonas’s community is a bad community, mostly because there is no excitement in his community. For example they do not even have any hills or snow. When Jonas and the Giver talked in the Annex room, the Giver had just given him a memory. The community has no excitement as this quote explains: “Why don’t we have snow, sleds, and hills?” (80). When Jonas says this and he means that his community is plain, boring, and bland. In this he is asking why they do not have all those things, basically he does not have them, but he does want them. Excitement is what gives life an extra boost. If someone takes all that away then you just have a boring life, no excitement and that makes the community a dystopia. Jonas walked into the Annex room and the Giver was in pain from all the bad memories. The community has no memory as this demonstrates: “‘Please’ he gasped ‘take some of the pain’” (112). This means that there is too much pain on him. Because of all the people in the community that do not have any memories of anything, is the reason why the community is so plain. Since they do not know anything that makes them know how to do nothing. They do not have experience. So that makes his community a dystopia.

In conclusion Lois Lowry wrote The Giver to prove that every one needs excitement in their life, because if you do not have excitement in your life then you will not live a life.

Artifact #2

Dear Lia,

The conditions you're living in must be so horrible. It must be so hard switching from such a big house to a life in a little apartment. I hope you’re going to be ok. But over here it isn’t ok at all. My life is turning upside down.

Yesterday me and Lily were just playing out side our very own house and then two mean kids started laughing at us, for no reason. At first they were staring at us, then all of a second they started laughing. I‘ve never known anybody that is that mean. Why are those two meanies so mean?

Also, guess what. Daddy got fired yesterday, so now we have no way to get money. Remember those two big German guys I told you about. Well those two big German guys just came right into where Daddy works and told him to get out, or else. Or a least thats what Daddy said to Mommy. But anyways that means were running out of food, and we barely had any food to begin with. So now I have no idea what we’re going to do.

And that is even bad at all, compared to what happened last night. It was horrible. I am still startled by all of it.

So I was sleeping, peacefully, when I heard something. I sat up and looked at Lily, she was up too, so I guess that she also heard it. We listened carefully and heard horse galloping, very fast and loud voices shouting. We wanted to learn more, so both of us got up and looked out the window, and saw were lots of bright light flickering. Lily and I had that feeling, the one you always get when something is going to be bad. Then as the sound got louder, we heard glass breaking. Lily and I knew that glass was very sharp, from past experience, and decided to run into Mommy and Daddy’s room. Which is exactly what we did.

When we ran in they were also awake too. Lily and I ran into their arms and then looked around for glass on the floor. There was none so that was good, it must have come from on of the neighbors, but that is still bad.

Then we heard the sounds getting increasingly louder. It felt like they were also getting closer, and they were. We heard the voices shouting loudly, shouting “death to the Jews, they do not deserve to live”. We are Jewish, so they were about us. They were about all the Jewish people.

All of a sudden it started getting hotter, and hotter, and hotter. Daddy got up and walked into the living room, and saw that our house was ON FIRE. All the windows were crashed too.

Once Daddy saw the fire the snapped into safety mode. He rushed pushed all of us out the door and went back in. We all worried but we knew that Daddy would come out, he just had to. A few minutes went by and Daddy ran out with some black smears on his face, that was all. Mommy, Lily, and I looked all around him, to see if the black smears was the only thing that was different on him. But something else caught our eyes, we saw that he was holding something in his hand, it was a small pile of money, there wasn’t much, but it was all we had so it was a lot.

After focusing all our attention on Daddy’s money, we remember something. Our house was still on fire. It was brightest light I have ever seen in my life, the hottest thing I have ever stood by, and the saddest thing I have ever witnessed with my own eyes.

In an hour the sun started to come up. And we saw that all that was left was blackness, just a big pile of blackness that’s all. Daddy searched around the pile and tried to find something, anything. We stood there with Mommy, watching him try. Only to find nothing. Then he shouted, he had finally found something, yay. He ran over to Lily and I and unfolded his hands. He had found our dolls. Our very first dolls. Although they were a little blacked in the checks they were still very beautiful. with the little hope of finding something, created by finding the dolls, he went back in the pile. But those two dolls were the only things found, there was nothing else, nothing.

We had no where to live, so Genevieve’s family took us in and decided we could live there. I was surprised their house was not damaged at all. Not one little thing demolished. It must have been because they weren't Jewish, I guess. But for now our family is living At Genevieve’s house.

Its not all bad, I mean I am with my bestest friend so it is ok is guess. Genevieve is an only child so I get to play with her with no distractions. But I’m still sad, we don't even have our own house. It just makes me so mad that those people just started going around and burning houses.Why would they do that, why would anyone do that. Who goes around burning houses. Who even tries to burn a house. I can't believe it.

In the last few days my life has turned upside down. Daddy got fired, out of nowhere, for no reason. And my house got burned to smithereens. Just like that my life collapsed, just one snap and my life is totally different. Anyways thats my life right now, or at least what’s left of it.

From, Hayley

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