Sprain Brook Manor

Sprain Brook Manor Rehab Enjoys Reputation for Excellence

About Sprain Brook Manor

Sprain Brook Manor Rehab, a short-term rehabilitation center in Scarsdale, New York, offers patients a family-like approach to care in a newly renovated 121-bed facility. A member of the Greater New York Health Care Facilities Association, the facility helps to restore confidence and function in patients who have recently undergone surgeries such as joint replacement, coronary bypass, or angioplasty, as well as patients who have experienced debilitating health from a heart attack, stroke, or spinal cord injury. The staff at Sprain Brook Manor Rehab specializes in providing holistic, personalized care in a comfortable environment. Customer service is a number one priority at the facility.

The facility has established a positive reputation for providing charitable support to several nonprofit organizations. Recent support has been extended to the Greenville Fire Department, the American Red Cross, and ORT America (formerly known as Women’s American ORT), a group that provides vocational education and technological training for the worldwide Jewish community. Additionally, members of the Westchester County community benefit from the facility's regular community dinners and lecture series. 

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