@Case Western 2013

Springfest at Case is always a fun event. This year, it was out at the track/football/soccer field on the north side of campus. There were plenty of booths as usual, and plenty of games.

On top of all that, the Springfest committee also managed to bring King Chip and the Maine to campus for a show.

King Chip

Now, honestly, I've never heard of King Chip until Springfest, and it wasn't until a couple days later that I learned he had a previous name of "Chip tha Ripper".

Knowing that he was a hip-hop act, I wasn't expecting to like the act much. But surprisingly, I had a good time sitting on the field in the back. I don't know if it was because I got to see a bunch of white and asian Case kids trying to ghetto dance for King Chip, or the fact that he said "we're in the middle of the ghetto" matter-of-factly (because Case really is like a nice little oasis that is on the edge of east Cleveland).

The Maine

When King Chip's set was done, a campus band stepped in for about 30 minutes. After they were done, a wait of 45 minutes ensued until finally The Maine started. I personally like the genre that The Maine's music is in, but have personally never got into The Maine myself. However, my girlfriend is a very big fan of theirs so I was happy to accompany her to a free concert :D.

However, I will say that they are a very good band, very tight-knit performance, even when you could tell the lead singer was clearly drunk. They have some very well-crafted songs and are very good at working the crowd and responding to requests or questions (even rude ones!).

One of my favorite part of the show was watching this asian guy dancing to one of The Maine's songs. Unfortunately the video doesn't even do it justice, as I only caught the last 10 seconds of his dance.