Cracked & Morning

1.) How did you make the theme your own?

Cracked- When I thought of cracked, my mind when to a broken mirror. So I took a picture of some broken mirror pieces.

Morning- In my backyard there is a row of trees, and in the morning the sun hits them and makes it look kind of scary. So I took a picture of them.

2.) What do you like about your photo?

Cracked- I like how the one big piece is the focus of the picture.

Morning- I like how it seems like it can go on forever.

3.) What would you change?

Cracked- I would change the set up and maybe laid them out better.

Morning- I would change the fact that there is a fence in it.

4.) What actions did you run and what did you do with these actions?

Cracked- Adrenaline; played it once

Morning- Risen; played it once

5.) What photo from last week did you think was the best and WHY?

Cracked- Monica Regan snowed in because it showed footprints in the snow which shows that its really snowy out.

Morning- Allison Martinek windows because it looks like someone is trying to crawl out of the window.