Here's how to avoid fatigue post wedding

Weddings can be extremely tiring and so it makes sense to indulge in a little post wedding rejuvenation, here's how.

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Weddings can seriously take a toll on your mental and physical health and can make you extremely tired - whether it's your own or someone else's. Here's how you can get rid of the fatigue easily.

1. The night after everything is done and you get home, stretch yourself a little more and warm up some water with some bath salts and soak your feet in them before you sleep. Most fatigue starts from your feet and so target that area first.

2. Get a good night's sleep, ensure the room you're sleeping is dark and quiet and at the correct temperature. It is important to regenerate your cells after a tiring day.

3. Head for a hot shower - this works the best when you're extremely tired. Even during summers, use slightly warm water even if you're tempted to splash some cold water all over you.

4. Drink lots of water, this can rejuvenate your body like nothing else.

5. Eat well for a few days, try and detox your body off all the greasy oily junk you've been eating by eating clean for some days.

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