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Scottsdale, Arizona

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When incorporated in 1951, Scottsdale was a small community of 2,000 residents situated on about two square miles of land. The community developed as a commerce center for local agricultural activity. There were few paved roads, and daily activities focused on citrus groves, cotton fields, dairy farms, and shopping in the downtown area around Main Street and Scottsdale Road.

As a small community, much of the first 60 years of Scottsdale's business activity focused around the needs and functions of an agricultural community. Some of the seeds for future economic growth evolved out of local residents' and visitors' interests in art and hospitality, creating small art communities and galleries, dude and guest ranches and equestrian breeding ranches. In part due to the exposure the area got during World War II as the location of training bases, new businesses moved facilities to the area in the 1950's.

In the early to mid-1950's a number of events took place that would set the growth and character of the city in motion. First, the Chamber of Commerce recognized the benefit and potential growth of the winter visitor and tourist market. A number of distinctive and lasting events began, from the "Parada Del Sol", Spring training baseball, the opening of the Safari and Valley Ho hotels, and apartment housing for winter visitors, to the adoption of "The West's Most Western Town" slogan and western retrofit of the original Downtown and 5th Avenue shopping districts. Second, Motorola opened major plants at the south end of the community and in nearby east Phoenix. This brought strong population growth, drawing primarily well-educated and skilled employees from the upper Midwest. This along with the expansion of Arizona State University into a major university brought about the first major growth period to the area in the late 1950s and early 1960's. Third, in response to the population growth, the community saw the beginning of single-family tract housing south of the downtown area.

City facts...Scottsdale, Arizona

Year Founded:1912




Area:184.2 sq miles

Time Zone: UTC-07:00

Mayor: Jim Lane

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