Hello! I am Emilee Stumler!


Bachelors of the Arts, Elementary Education K-5 and Teaching Students with Learning and Behavior Disorders, Bellarmine University 2007

Masters of Education with a concentration in technology, IUS currently


5th Grade Elementary Teacher , Kenwood Station Elementary within Oldham County Public Schools

Professional Development

All professionals take a large chunk of their own time to further develop their skills and expertise. The majority of my professional development has been spent at the JCPS Jaeger Building attending workshops or professional learning communities to grow in the area of technology. When I taught within Jefferson County Public Schools I served as my school's technology coordinator for four years. My primary focus this year is to create a classroom of learners who are eager to explore, create, and apply 21st Century Skills when tackling the Common Core standards.

Teaching Philosophy

If you're not having fun...you're not doing it right!

A day in my classroom is chaos lately, but each day it is getting better. This is my first year out of the regular education classroom and into the special area classroom. My teaching philosophy hasn't completely changed. I am trained in Waldorf Education and the core philosophy lies in educating the child through head, hands, and heart. I am lucky that I teach within one of the Jefferson County Public Schools that houses a magnet for Waldorf inspired classrooms. I believe that you must create a community of trust and respect before knowledge can be gained and maintained. I take pride in having a classroom of learners that are mindful of others and respectful of the learning that occurs in our classroom. I am having a challenging time this year being in a special area classroom. I see the whole school in a week's time and I find it is harder to build community. I hope in time I can create and maintain as I have in the past. I work at Byck Elemenary, which is located in the Russell Neighborhood or commonly referred to as Portland area. I believe that location or demographics do not have to impact your philosophy in teaching. It is your philosophy that can make a positive or negative impact on your school's community or demographics.

Tech Tools


I teach technology to all of the students in our building. As a school we use Class Dojo to communicate with parents. I love the messaging feature! It is super quick and effective. I am also developing a Weebly website that will allow staff, students, and guardians to access information and tools that are used within our tech lab.

My World

Byck celebrates Book Character Day every Halloween!

G. O. T.

I am a huge nerd for Game of Thrones!

Love my Leo

My bearded dragon named Leo is a well known lizard throughout Byck Elementary. He even has an email this year for the kids to keep in touch with him!

587 login cards later...love my people

My parents, sister, and boyfriend are the four pillars of my life.

my babies

Bear, Leo, Hershel, Franklyn, and Stanlee are all fur/scale babies.

#happy these days

Humor and happiness keep me positive!

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