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Create a more sustainable school by reducing consumption of water and natural gas through retrofitting our old school taps with low flow automatic taps and faucets.

Your Team

Katie-Jo Jackson, Sam Johnson, Tanner Grunau, Taylor Pierunek, Susan Pierunek, Ryan Beck.


  • April 4th - Complete BP A+ Grant application
  • April 10 - Deadline for application for BP A+ Grant
  • Mid-May - Learn if we have won the BP A+ Grant
  • August - Attend BP conference
  • Sept - Recieve funds, purchase new taps and faucets
  • Oct - Install new taps and faucets.


Next year the goal will be to retrofit light switches with automatic ones so the lights turn off when no one is in the room.

We also plan to involved the environmental science class in collecting data and reporting results on the retrofit projects.

We hope to attend leadership conferences over the next 18 months.


School division maintenance staff approval, support and input.

BP A+ Grant


Sundre High Leo's club

Sundre Lion's club

Environmental science class

Biology class for growing specimens before and after.

Student's Union


Our school has won 5 $10,000 BP A+ for energy grants in the past. We plan to apply again this year and use the funds for this program.

We will also apply for the Devon Energy Grant.


We have extremely hard water in Sundre, we need taps and faucets that will stand up to this over time.


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