Our Services

Over the years, Mantis developed a comprehensive and reliable service line, through the whole investment cycle:

  • pre-investment due diligence
    • real cash flow driver
    • management background and operation history
    • reputation with vendors and clients
    • records of litigation and disputes
    • tie with government
    • undisclosed liability & asset
  • post-investment fraud investigations
    • illegal asset transfer
    • additional unknown liability
    • intellectual property violation
    • lost asset recovery
    • litigation & disputes advisory
  • on-going business intelligence
    • prospective partners hunting
    • competitors analysis
    • pending new regulation impact evaluation
    • hostile takeover advisory

Our Expert Team

Mantis Privilege Network

With headquarters in Shanghai and founded in 2008, Mantis has established a vast business network in China and is dedicated to avail its clients in investments regarding to China market with privileged nonpublic knowledge, especially in Real Estate, Technology  Media & Telecommunications, Energy and Environment industries. You shouldn't be surprised by finding some familiar names in Mantis Network, e.g. Tencent (腾讯), New World Development (新世界地产), Evergrande Group (恒大集团), China Shenhua (中国神华), China Environmental Technology (中国环保科技), etc.

Email: bd@mantispartner.com
Address: 14 Robinson Road, #12-00, Far East Finance Building, 048545 Singapore
Website: http://www.mantispartner.com

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