Eyelash extensions

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Prices vary depending on thickness & length

Starting @ $35 & up

After care for your lashesFor the first 48 hours after application the lashes should not be exposed to water or steam to allow the adhesive time to fully bond. I recommend avoiding swimming and the spa for 48 hours after lash application for best results.Be gentle with your eyelashes; do not pull on the extensions or rub the eyes excessively.Avoid the use of oil-based products on or around the eyelashes and do not use waterproof mascara. Water-based mascara and water-based mascara remover may be used if desired. Apply the mascara sparingly and remove it gently with a water-based eye makeup .Apply mascara on the tips only. Note:  Lash Extensions are ideally suited for individual who want longer, fuller lashes without the need for much additional eye makeup. Constant application of heavy eye makeup, particularly mascara and eyeliner, may reduce the lifespan of your Lash Extensions and require more frequent touch-ups.



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