Brighton beach memoirs By: Raymon Guzman

the great depression

The great depression was the longest lasting economic downturn. It began in 1929 and it ended in 1939. It happened because of the stock market crash that led to 13 to 15 million Americans where unemployed. To top all that world war 2 was starting  which led American industry into high gear .Slowly America started to recover from the great depression.

Colleges in the 1930

A college to go to in the 1930 was the university of Pittsburgh. Because they would teach you about Literature and other types of things that writers needed to learn in the 1930 . the tuition 250 dollars a year  most of the food back than was cents like  50 cents .$7,145.00 a year and 15 dollars a month .

the gas back then was 17 scene peer gallon.a lot more people go to college  back then then today. the mascot was a lion. A car would cost about 650.

Stan's  apology latter

i am writing this letter of apology. to you because i truly regret putting the sand in your shin shoes.

im  writing this because in need my job back i never came in late. i was all ways a good worker to you. And i never gave you any hard time with me im truly sorry for what i did.

i hope this letter convinces you to give me my job back. because i need the money for family .

sensely  Stan

Broadway show

finding never land

the first showing of never land was in in the 1986  the tickets are 87 bucks . it is an inspirational Broadway show that moves lots of people. 

personal review

my personal review on the book is that is was a good book from the beginning. its had lots of funny moments  but also a lot of serious moments its good book that i would recommend to a friend . for them to read it i though it was cool book to read. all the charters where good in the book with what they did and what they say. 

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