Comunidades 6

Victor Howell

Activity Summary:

I watched 3 Youtube videos about the celebration of San Fermin. The celebration takes place in Pamplona, Spain and it is a huge party that lasts 8 days from July 6 through the 14th. The main attraction is the Running of the Bulls and it is a credited with the success of this great party. However, that is not the only thing that causes this party to stand out; for example there are great parades and activities in the overcrowded streets of Pamplona and I think my favorite thing that stood out other than the bulls was the huge dancing mascots that wandered through the masses.

What I Learned:

I learned that even though Spain is a small country compared to the United States and Mexico, that they can definitely still cram a bunch of people with different cultures into a small town. The cool thing about this party is that there are so many different people with different backgrounds, for instance there were more than five separate styles of music that were played on the streets by individual entertainers ranging from saxophones to trumpets to little banjo styled strings instruments.


I will now know a lot more about this great holiday that lasts for 8 days in the middle of July and will have a better understanding of the surrounding activities when someone is discussing the Running of the Bulls. As much fun as it looks, I don't think I would enjoy this holiday simply because of the fact that it's not in my tradition and I feel like I would be stretching my limits as far as traveling goes. It is also a very dangerous week especially because of the fact that there are bulls that are running around trying to kill you.


My favorite things from this year's Comunidades compilation were the information that I was able to gather from just going to a restaurant and being observant. I learned a lot about the Hispanic culture that is here in the Dallas area both when I went to Zaguan and when I went to Cafe Madrid, and I never would have expected to learn that much from just a visit. I also enjoyed the lesson that I got after the visit to Cafe Madrid in which I realized that I should always ask questions and be curious about different things.