7th Grade Year with Memories of 2014-2015

My 7th grade year at Kenston Middle School left me with a lot of wonderful memories that I will share with you. Some of these memories were from places that I went to, school, activities, and other things.

Top Ten Moments

1. Magnum in the Pool

When the winter is over we open up our swimming pool. Every year, Magnum, my dog, is the first one to go swimming. The people, who open our pool, think that our dog is funny because he can't wait to jump in. When they arrive, Magnum immediately gives them a toy for them to throw into the water. After they throw his toy in the pool, he stays in there till he is bored, which takes about ten minutes or less.

The first one in the pool again!

2. African Safari

Our family went on a safari in Africa where we visited Kenya and Tanzania. We went to a place where hippos live. Some of the hippos were babies; they were very cute because they would pop their heads in and out of the water. In the background, there was a herd with more than 1,000 buffaloes migrating to the Serengeti. This moment was memorable because I will only see this once in my lifetime.

Best day!!! Our driver spotted a leopard in a tree.

3. Skiing with My Best Friends in the Austrian Alps

During winter break, we went to Austria where we visit with family, and then we go skiing. Last winter break, we met up with some old friends and went skiing in the Alps. Half-way down the mountain we stopped, and I fell into a pile of snow. I enjoy skiing because it is fun, fast, and adventurous. After a long day of skiing, we go back to the hotel where we then go swimming, and then we eat many of my favorite Austrian foods.

The worst backward skiing!

4. Camp Hi Canoe

In the fall, my family went kayaking at Camp Hi Canoe. I was in a kayak with my dad, and my sister was with my mom. There was a daddy longleg crawling on my kayak. I do not like spiders. My dad wouldn't kill it, so I had to remove it with my shoe. When I took my shoe off, the kayak started to slightly tip over, and I was nervous that I was going to fall into the Cuyahoga River.

Almost there!

5. Science Olympiad

The best time of my life. Science Olympiad is all about science and engineering. Our couches were Mr. Sofranko and Mr. Kupiac. In Science Olympiad, we go to tournaments and compete against other schools. I competed in Green Generation, Dynamic Planet, and Bridge Building. My favorite event was building bridges because you could test them and see how strong they were before being destroyed. In Green Generation and Dynamic Planet, I learned about glaciers, global warming, and oceans.

Anna Ortner was my bridge partner at competitions.

6. Winter Time

I like the winter time because Magnum loves to play in the snow with me. Magnum likes to steal my snowballs and eat them. My dog also enjoys pulling me on my sled and taking long walks. He also lets me bury him with snow. My dog is a lot of fun in the snow!

Snowball thief but so cute.

7. Turkey in My Backyard

Last summer, I saw a turkey looking for food in my backyard. I tried to scare it, but it kept on ignoring me. The turkey stayed in my backyard for two hours, and it then flew away.

Gobble Gobble

8. View from an Airplane

On an eight hour flight to Austria, I got very bored. I took out my iPad and started to take pictures of the sky below us. I thought that this picture was awesome because the clouds look like waves on an ocean.

Almost there!!

9. Swimming Pool

In my backyard, we have a swimming pool. We invite our neighbors Wesley and Zoey over to go swimming. When we go swimming, we blow up some of the pool toys. As we are in the pool, we flip each other off of the toys. After we flip each other off of the toys, Magnum comes into the water and checks to see if we are alright.

10. Sachsenhausen

While we were visiting our aunt and uncle in Berlin, they decided to take us to Sachsenhausen, which is a concentration camp. The concentration camp was interesting because we learned many interesting facts about what happened to the people there during World War II. We also learned that it was very difficult to escape from a concentration camp because there was barbed wire on the fences and the towers were armed with soldiers and watch dogs.

We went there with my only aunt and uncle.

HELA Moments

1. And Then There Were None

This project was the best one this year, and to top it off, Mr. Kowalski chose a great book. We got to keep track of the characters and guess who the killer was on the island. The book was also great because there was a lot of detail, which helped you figure out who the killer was before you read the last page of the book.

Best project

2. Awareness Test Video

We used this test to check our flexible thinking and close reading skills. You need to pay attention to detail in order to not miss important things. The flexible thinking and close reading skills teach you how to concentrate and focus on details.

Core Moments

1.  Digital Skills: Google Destination Project

Gia and I used this project to research a place we wanted to go to in the future. We picked Zanzibar, which is a beautiful island in the Indian Ocean off of the coast of East Africa. The beaches where white, and the water was so clear that you could see all the way to the bottom of the ocean. The hotels where also very beautiful and luxurious.

2. Science: Our Own Planet

Anna and I created our own planet. Our planet's name is Bibbly Boop. We wanted it to be unique so we had purple grass, blue trees, and a turquoise sun. We believe that in a couple of centuries you will be able to live on this planet, but we don't know where it is in the solar system.

Camp Moments

1. Rock Climbing/Ziplining

Rock climbing was a great experience. The last time I rock climbed was at the International School of Brussels. I used to rock climb after school at the International School of Brussels on their rock climbing walls. Rock climbing at camp was really easy because I remembered all of the skills. When I reached the top of the rock climbing wall, we got to go zip lining, which was also fun. I enjoy zip lining because it makes you feel like you are flying.

So much fun!!

2. Fishing

Fishing was also a great moment at camp. I was really happy when the teacher put the worm on the hook because I couldn't have done that. The fishing was also great because they taught us how to use the fishing rod. In my group, Luke and Anna swung it the wrong way, and their hooks got stuck in a tree.

First time fishing in such a long time!

A La Carte Moments

1. Riding

Riding is a great sport. I rode at Cross Winds Farm with my trainer Bob. The horse that I rode was called Jigsaw. I love riding because it teaches you to do tricks with a horse. At the end of each lesson, I got to canter with Jigsaw. Jigsaw loved to canter as much as I did. Bob would laugh at Jigsaw because when he was supposed to stop, he kept on going.

2. Tennis

Tennis is a great sport. I play at CVAC. My instructor's name is Laura. Laura is the best because she plays so many tennis games with us. Laura takes my sister and I to court seven. We play a game called tug of war and mini ping pong. Tennis is a fun sport to play, and you also get a lot of exercise.


In a sea of people, no one notices one mistake.

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I really liked how you made kind of video summary of your project, and this looks really good. See you next year fat carrot.

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