Review of Magyk
By: Connor A.

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3 years ago

Review of Magyk

Jenna wonders what her family would be like if they were alive. Magyk, by Angie Sage is an incredible book. It has a lot of mysteries, humor,and a lot of dramatic parts in the book.
The book starts out where a wizard named Silas find and takes a baby girl named Jenna into his wizard family. If you're wondering why Jenna is not with her parents. Well, her mother died on the same day she was born. She was probably murdered if she died that day. Somebody was probably trying to take Jenna away from her mother. When Silas found Jenna, she was barely alive, and on the side of the road on the coldest night of the year. He saw that she was very, very cold, and her lips were dusky blue.
A few years later, Jenna, Silas, Nicko, Simon, Marcia, Boy 412, and Sarah were all being chased by bad guys because a spy lives next door to Silas’s house has discovered princess Jenna. He probably wanted Jenna, and he probably has information about her. Before they were being chased by bad guys, Marcia came to Silas’s door and forced Silas to take Jenna away. Marcia said that she was not safe at his house anymore because the spy discovered her, and some bad guys probably want to kill Jenna.
What I liked about the book is that it gives a lot of dramatic parts to it. For example, when Silas gave Sarah baby Jenna, she burst into tears. What I also liked about the book was that in almost every chapter, it had a mystery. So I had a lot of stuff going through my head when I read this book. It was also probably the most interesting book I have ever read because I like mystery books, so I did not want to stop reading it.
What I think they could improve on is that they could put in more simple words. Some words in their, I don’t know what they mean, or I don’t know how to pronounce it. But I think I am reading a book above my average reading level. So it kind of makes sense. What I also think they could improve on is that some characters in the book kind of speek half words. So I would like it as them saying whole words.
So the book Magyk by Angie Sage is definitely an interesting book in my opinion. Once you read the book, you can see that there will be a lot of dramatic parts, and a lot of humor. So I think that you should read this book