Why the moon is important

Andrew Raney


                     The Moons Role

The moon goes through 8 stages each month. The is waxing crescent, waxing gibbons, waning crescent, waning gibbons, full moon, new moon, first and third quarter. There are 4 different types of tides. High, low, neap, and spring tides. There are 2 different types of eclipses. There are lunar and solar.

There are 8 moon phases. They all happen In a month. They happen because the moon rotates and revolves at the same speed. They effect us because the moons gravity causes us to have high and low tides.

There are 4 types of tides. The 4 tides are neap, spring, high, and low. There is a different tide every 6 hours. A high tide happens every 12 hours.

There are 2 different types of eclipses. The 2 different eclipses are solar and lunar eclipses. Solar eclipses happen when there is a full moon. Lunar happen when there is a new moon.

Without the moon their would be no light for third world country's to use for light at night. If you don't have street lights then you wouldn't be able to see in the night either. Without the moon we wouldn't be able to see constellations or just stars in general.

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