Life Is a Stage

By Madison Galloway

Life is a stage that has lights shining down.

You present yourself as strong and perfect.

Between stage calls, you have your imperfections.

You always keep your eye on the prize.

And the results never seize to make you surprised.

There are tears and injuries that make you sick.

Fearing you will not be able to continue makes you weak.

The clapping of the audience gives you ease,

And the booing of a crowd gives you the determination you need.

The stage provides you with the ability to live.

It lets you show everyone that you’re strong.

Life is a constant competition between people.

Always striving to be the best and nothing less.

The judges judge on how you present,

But you have to take it with full commitment.

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3 years ago

You wrote way more than me haha, but good job it's better than mine!

3 years ago

This is really good!