Handy Man
Homo Habilis
By Haley Tyson

Scientists know that Handy Man walked on 2 feet from the bones they have found. He would be taller then Lucy, he would be more human like than Lucy, Handy Man would have ape features and handy man would have twice the size of a brain than Lucy. Handy Man is about 4-5 feet tall.

Handy Mans bones were found Africa by Louise and Mary Leakey. Scientist think that since they there were found there thats were Handy man is from. Handy man was alive over 1.5 - 2 million years ago.

Living in groups?
The Handy men lived in groups because it helped them protect themselves against animal attacks, they could collect food over larger areas of land, and last it helped them survive.

Handy man different and alike.
Handy Man was different from Lucy because Handy man was taller than her and Handy man had a bigger brain than Lucy.

Handy man used animal bones to dig holes, Roars to chop things and sharp pieces of sticks to write things Handy man ate small animals .

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