In the book Out Of My Mind, the lead character (Melody Brooks) has Cerebral Palsy. When Melody goes to school she is put in room (H-5) for disabled kids. She didn't like the room that she was put in, because she knew she was smarter than all the kids in the room. Instead of being in H-5 they move the disabled kids in a inclusion class. When she's in the class she meets a new friend named Rose. Melody tries out for the Whiz Kidz team and the teacher thought the test was easy because Melody got a perfect score. When she makes the team they go to competition and win all because of Melody. After the team wins they realize they are one of the top teams that get to go to nationals , but she was left at the airport by the team. After a day or two they see in the paper that the team placed ninth in nationals. The next day Melody wants to go to school because she wants to face the team herself. Melody's family is having a rough morning and Melody's mom asks her if she has to go to school, but Melody nods her head yes. As her dad and Penny (her little sister) are waving goodbye, Penny makes her way outside unseen, and as her mom is backing out she runs over Penny. The family immediately goes to the hospital and Penny survives after her surgery. The next day Melody goes to school and when she gets to go to her inclusion class she is very pumped and she rushes into the classroom and stares at everyone in there. She demands to know why they left her at the airport. They don't say a word for a while, but then explain everything. At the end of the book they give her the trophy, but she accidently knocks over the trophy. Then she leaves out of the room laughing.


Melody is an interesting character. She is funny, intelligent, sarcastic , happy, smart, and determined. When she was little she couldn't walk or talk, but she still can't even though she is 11. She is also very intelligent. She says things like " I watch animal planet all the time, and I know for a fact that mammals have babies that are called calves". Melody is also sarcastic because she was joking with her mom and said " your calling me fat?" Melody's mom says. When she got her electrical wheelchair and her new friend Rose and she was very happy. If you really focus on the book you can tell that Melody is very smart. She gets 85% on her tests and on the first day of fifth grade she knew everyone's name, that's pretty amazing. You can tell when Melody is determined because she tried to do her best when she couldn't get Ollie ( her fish) back in the bowl. She was also determined when she wanted her favorite monkey and she had to turn over.


The theme of the book Out of My Mind is we should always be treated the same as everyone else. One example is when no one would pick her to be her partner in inclusion class. Another example is when Mr. Dimming said that the test was to easy because Melody got all the question correct. Also when she got left at the airport, because the team said that she would slow them down.

Point of view

The point of view is first person. In the book it tells us that it's first person because it says " Words have always swirled around me like snowflakes". There is also evidence in other chapters of the book like when Melody says things through her Medi-Talker or as she calls it Elvira. It is important that Melody is telling the story because we wouldn't be able to know what Melody is thinking or trying to say. Knowing what Melody is thinking is important because they would leave us with not knowing what she is thinking about.

cerebral palsy

In the book Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper, Melody Brooks has Cerebral Palsy. It's hard for her parents because they don't know what she is thinking and then she gets a Medi-Talker and it changes her life.

Cerebral palsy is a condition in which you can't move your muscles. You also can't walk, talk, eat or balance. It may also affect the way your speech is. Sometimes the severe Cerebral Palsy may not allow you to communicate at all.

Cerebral Palsy is caused when the brain doesn't correctly with your nerves. Your brain though does work, but it just your muscles that don't fully form. A baby can get Cerebral Palsy when they get injury in their moms whom. The symptoms of Cerebral Palsy are you have spaz attacks, you drool a lot, and don't have control over your muscles.

There are 3 types of Cerebral Palsy there is spastic, athetoid, and ataxic. Spastic is the most common because it's the one were you can't control your muscles and your muscles are very stiff.

People with Cerebral Palsy use wheelchairs, walking braces, Medi-Talker, and things almost like wheelchairs, but they just help you balance. They also have lots of surgeries and some of them take medication.

A famous person with Cerebral Palsy is Abbey Nicole Curran. She accomplished being a representative in Miss Iowa USA pageant in 2008. Another famous person with Cerebral Palsy is David Ring. He is a motivational speaker, and challenged thousand of people with his signature message. " I have Cerebral Palsy....... What's your problem''?


The setting in the story Out Of My Mind is Melody's home, her school, (Spaulding Street Elementary), and Mrs. V's house. Melody's home is where she's growing up and where Penny, her dad, her mom, and Butterscotch her dog. Her school is where the room H-5 is and where her inclusion classes are also where she met here friend Rose.