What is Uranus?

Uranus is the 3th biggest planet from the sun.Each orbit around the sun taks 84 earth year.Around 67 earths would fit inside Uranus but since its mostly made of gas  its only 14 times heavier than planet earth.Uranus has a family of 27 best known moons.Many of there moons are named after charecters from Shakespeares plays.Uranus is the 4th gas giant.Its size is twice as far from the sun as saturn is.Uranus is very,very far away from the sun.About 1.78 billion miles from the sun.Takes 84 Earth years to cpmplete one orbit around the sun.Uranus is sideways!.Winter at Uranus north pole is one long night that lasts for 21 years.Uranus can be knocked over by a big collision with a planet sized body early in its history.The 5 major moons of Uranus are cold with ice worlds.Miranda is the smallest moon of Uranus.

William Herschel discovered Uranus in 1781.Looking through his homemade telescope he noticed a greenish star in the costellation of gemini.

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