St. Lawrence Lowlands


The St.Lawrence Lowlands is a spectacular region to visit, it has amazing views  and various activities for families.They have many things to explore including their countless national parks that have amazing wildlife and breath taking scenery to enjoy.


The St.Lawrence Lowlands is located between two bigger regions called The Canadian Shield, to the Northwest and the Appalachian, to the southeast. The St.Lawrence Lowlands begins near the city of Brockville, Ontario and expands to the Northeast of Quebec City, between these cites lies Montreal and Ottawa. On the map below, the part shaded in dark green represents the St. Lawrence Lowlands.


The St.Lawrence Lowlands lies mostly on the province of Quebec. This region is known for it's diverse location which provides fertile soil, low flat plains and gently rolling hills. This rolling landscape was created through glacial deposits such as till plains, moraines, drumlins, eskers, glacial lake bottoms, shorelines, and giant spillways carved by glacial streams. Under the surface there is a layer of sedimentary rock. This region consits of a variety of other rocks such sandstones, dolomite, limestone, and shale. One of there biggest attractions is the Niagara escarpment which is a long steep slop found at edges or in separate areas of land with different elevation levels , the most significant attraction located here is the Niagara Falls. This is a very popular attraction for tourists who visit this region.


The St.Lawrence Lowlands is immense due to it's vast industries which includes one- sixth of Canada's population employed in these industries. The industries include hydroelectric power, manufacturing, and logging, offering many careers opportunities.  The industries depend upon other regions for raw materials which are transported and processed along the St.Lawrence River. Even though there are lack if forests in the St.Lawrence Lowlands one of their major industries is lumber. Many of their forests were cleared so land could be used towards farming and towns. Lumber is transported throughout the St.Lawrence River from other regions in Canada, this lumber is taken to sawmills and paper making plants. For example, Trois - Rivières is a pulp and paper industry, where many of Canada's newsprint is made.

The hydropower industry is how energy is provided in the St.Lawrence Lowlands, there are fifteen power plants bordering the St.Lawrence River in Quebec. The river also provides a method to ship products from region to region. They have large ports located in Quebec and Montreal which allow a gateway from Canada to the Atlantic Ocean, this creates a short distance to Europe for various primary ports in North America.  In the map below the line in red represents the St. Lawrence shipping route starting in Quebec City, Canada  and ending in Detroit, USA.


The St.Lawrence Lowlands has a continential climate which means the weather in winter is cool and in summer is warmer. The wether patterns in this region are greatly afffected by air masses form other North American areas. The weather changes in the Canadian Arctic of Gulf Of Mexico can impact the climate in parts of  this region such as Ottawa and Quebec City. The Arctic masses will bring in cold and stormy weather, while the Gulf of Mexico provides warm and moist air making summer warm and humid. rThe Arctic masses is what influences cold and stormy weather.  It is very likely for this region to have a thunderstorm in the summer and snowstorms in the winter months. The temperatures in spring will increase to above 0° Celsius, average temperatures in July will be 21° or maybe can even go up to 30°. In winter the temperature can go below   0° and the snowfall in places like Montreal will be approximately 230 cm and in Quebec approximately 300cm .


This region has various different national parks which have great scenery. Examples are:

  •   Niagara Falls
  • Point Peele National Park
  • Peninsula National Park
  • Fathom Five National Park
  • Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve

This region has many national parks due it's wonderful scenery and fantastic landscape due to it's rolling hills and good climate it has many different activities and parks for people to visit.


The St.Lawrence Lowlands has a lot of fertile soil due to many rolling hills and wildlife, with the various glacial deposits this region allows for amazing agriculture. Example of vegetation are:

  •   Broadleaf Forest Of Sugar Maple
  • American Beech
  • White Oak
  • Red Oak
  • Shagbark Hickory
  • Black Walnut
  • Butternut
  • Farm Fields
  • Man- Made Landscapes

Natural Disasters

This landform region can have ice storms due the impact from the Canadian Arctic changing their weather pattern, this has created much damage for them in the past.

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