Franklin D. Roosevelt

By: Jordan Schmitz 5th hr

Who Is Franklin D. Roosevelt? FDR was an american lawyer and statesman who served as the 32nd President of the United States. FDR served 12 years or four terms as the president. At that time he was the only president to serve more than eight years. FDR was a central figure during the Mid 20th century leading us out of a depression, a dominant leader of the Democratic Party Franklin was defeating Republican Herbert Hoover.

What did Franklin D. Roosevelt do? Franklin D. Roosevelt lead the Americans during a rough time the Great Depression which at times was tough for him because he was constantly being criticized by the republicans saying he would never lead the country out of this rough time. Not only did he constantly fight the battle of the Great Depression but throughout the time he was battling a horrific disease known as Polio. FDR lead the Americans out of the great depression by constructing a plan known as the New Deal which constructed a variety of programs to produce government jobs for the unemployed, recovery and reform. The economy rapidly started to make a major three sixty and eventually lead the Americans out this rough horrible time and the U.S citizens had a great sigh of relief. The unemployed had jobs and everything started to fall back into place.

When was Franklin D. Roosevelt president? F.D.R was the president during a rough time beating out Republican Herbert Hoover. To go on and lead the Americans through a rough time known as The Great depression that was caused from a sudden fall of the stock exchanges, which lasted from 1930 and depending on where you lived either lasted like the United States up until the mid 1930's in other countries it lasted up until 1940. Luckily FDR was a smart man and opened up jobs that would provide the unemployed with jobs either working at state parks, building rail roads, maybe doing some construction jobs to open up these businesses, etc.. And not to mention throughout the whole time FDR was battling polio and would constantly be in pain wouldn't show it in office but when this man got home he would let all of his pain get the best of him he would stay up at nights sometimes crying himself to sleep because the hard times with not only the Great Depression but because of his Polio. Ultimately Franklin D. Roosevelt got the Americans out of World War II with the least amount of casualties, got the Americans out of the Great depression, And will remain hands down the most honorable president we have to this day.

Where was FDR president?  Franklin Delanore Roosevelt was president in the United States of America in the White House located on Pennsylvania Ave.

Why was FDR president? FDR wanted to be president because just like everyone else it was his dream to make a change in the government which would intrigue him to continue on and serve a few terms has president to make his mark on America and make others want to follow in his footsteps.

How did FDR become President? well it all started with the back up from the democrats who would go door to door campaigning for FDR they would also makes phone calls or whatever they could to insure they could get people to donate money so they could have the best chances for their candidate to become president which is what happened F.D.R became president on March 4th, 1933- April 12th, 1945 becoming the first ever president to serve four terms at that time. Beating out rival Republican Herbert Hoover.

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