Which is balkanization not a factor of?

Balkanization is the process of which a state breaks down due to conflicts among ethnicities.

Balkanization referred to Europe's Balkan Peninsula and its historical break up.

Sudan is a current example of a state that is undergoing/ underwent the process of balkanization.


In order for a state to threaten to break apart, there must already be signs of division. This would cause bickering within the state which would lead to the separation. Economic development would also be a factor that would pull apart a state. There would be to much of a difference between places. Take for example a country in which half would be considered core and the other half would be a periphery. Being that these two live practically different lifestyles, the country would tear in to two.

Balkanization would then NOT result form a strong central government. If a strong central government is present in a country, then the state is less likely to separate due to the fact that the government would "hold" the country together.


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