Social Media Tool:   Piktochart

Lesson Objectives

At the conclusion of this lesson learners will be able to:

  1. Explain the benefits of the use of infographics to present information.
  2. Use Piktochart to create an infographic presenting either statistics or a process relevant to their business.
  3. Evaluate an infographic for [what criteria ... effectiveness, clarity, visual appeal]


(15-30 minutes)

In order to prepare to apply to their business and its needs, prior to the instruction and hands on work, the business owners will:

  1. Consider the following questions:  Who is your audience?   Do you have more than one -- clients / customers?  employees?  your peers?
  2. With one of those audiences in mind, prepare an explanation of multi step process such as how to use your product or how to complete a task.
  3. Gather some facts and figures regarding your industry.

Live instruction via Webex

(30 minutes)

Introduce the lesson by showing a paragraph of text for 5-7 seconds then posing a question regarding its contents.    Show an infographic representing the same paragraph of text for 5-7 seconds.  Pose same question.   Use this to lead into an explanation of how visual information is processed and its benefits.

Present good and bad examples:   too much info, not enough white space, text v. visual.

Explain assignment and deadlines.    Show example infographic about how to prepare an infographic and a brief overview of selecting a template and editing in the tool.

Independent / Hands on work

(1 hour)

Use content gathered during pre-session work and/or additional research to prepare two infographics using two different templates.

Closure / Debrief

(15-30 minutes)

  1. provide links to or screenshots of their Pitochark product
  2. review and provide feedback to the workproduct of at least 3 others and;
  3. draft and post a short summary of their opinion of the tool, whether or not they think they will use it in the future and how.

This Tackk was created in in fulfillment of the Keystone Project requirements of course EDTR 606 in the M.S.I.T. Program at New York Institute of Technology.