Atmosphere Bryce S. Otto

Fact #1 Keeps the suns UV rays out.

It blocks out most of the suns UV rays but still lets enough in to keep us warm.

Fact #2 Protects us from Meteor

Protects us from small or medium size Meators hurlting towardes earth

Fact #3 It keeps our oxygen on the earth

If it wasnt there it would send all of our gasses in to deep space

Fact #4 Each layer is hot or cold or warm

Fact #5 Keeps heat in so we don't DIE

Fact #6 The lowest part of the atmosphere is where planes fly and we live

this is the part where everyone lives and where everything go's on at including weather

Fact #7 as you go higher the oxygen gets thiner

as you go higher thinng will exspand because there's less oxygen per square feet

Fact #8 The green house effect

is when the atmosphere lets heat in and it stays in and bounces arround until it leaves the atmosphere

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