Chapter 1 Project: On The Move

T. Norwood

My project is about transportation. I surveyed 20 different people to find out their source of transportation. I asked them how they get around on a daily, how often, & how satisfied they are with this form of transportation.

From the data, I realized that most if the people drove or rode cars on a daily and their was only a few who rode buses. Here is a standard deviation of my data.

After my first survey, I thought of a form of transportation to satisfy a lot of people. I chose a double decker bus after I analyzed the first survey. I saw that people like to drive cars more so that means they like a more comfortable feel and for the people who ride the bus, it will be a much better feel for them. This is just my opinion so i came up with a few questions to see if others also liked this idea and how I could improve it.

My questions were...

1. Do you think a double decker bus is great transportation?

2. Would this bus benefit you financially?

3. What would like to be included on the bus? Food, Games, or Reclining Chairs?

4. How much would you pay to ride this bus per school year? $60, $70, or $80?

For the first question I asked three different people. 2 out of 3 said they think a double decker bus is great transportation. For question two, 3 out of 3 said it would help them financially. For questions 3 & 4 I surveyed 20 different people.

The surveys for questions 3 & 4.

The analysis for question 3 & 4 using histograms.

After surveying people about my form of transportation, I then knew what to improve because it was what the majority wanted. On my double decker bus I will charge $60 dollars per school year and provide all my customers with food. I believe it would market very well from the data I got from my convenience surveys.

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