Our trip to Ireland by Charles

Our trip to Ireland was the best journey I have ever done with school, even best than the trip I made in Phalempin with my CE2 class .

This journey was very funny and interesting. We made and saw a lot of things. The days were very busy.

First of all, the boat and bus trips went all right. It was very very long but as we were all together, we spent good time.

The bus driver took himself for Joe Star. We sang "petit poney" all the way of the trip. Listen to it :

We saw beautiful wild landscapes espacially the beach in portmarlock and the ruins we saw during the walk.

We also made activities like bread cooking, irisk dancing, irish music playing and gaelic games with funny rules that nobody understood.

These activities enable us to discover irish culture.

We also visited the capital Dublin and museums. Teachers had prepared a treasure quest for us in Dublin. It was big fun.

Thanks to the teachers !!!

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