Pyramus and Thisbe

by: Garrett, YASMIN  FORD and Jack


Romeo and Juliet. In Romeo and Juliet they fall in love with each other but they can not be with each other because their families are enemies. They end up both killing themselves. Same goes for Pyramus and Thisbe. They fall in love with each other but their families are enemies so they cannot be with each other. Pyramus believes Thisbe's has been eaten by a wild animal so he takes his spear and stabs himself. Thisbe sees Pyramus dead with a spear in him so she takes the spear and stabs herself. Shakespeare got his story of Romeo and Juliet  from a Italian poet who used greek mythology to write his poems.


The actions and choices you make have consequences. If the two families would have just settled their disagreements and let Thisbe and Pyramus be together then they wouldn't have killed themselves. Another moral is that love is real and love is powerful and people will do what ever it takes to be together and we see this in Romeo and Juliet and in the story of Thisbe and Pyramus. Another moral is don't jump to conclusions. If Pyramus would of waited and found out why Thisbe has died then she would have know that he didn't actually die.


Why is a mulberry tree red?

When Thisbe and Pyramus stab themselves with a spear their blood goes everywhere and it stains the mulberry tree red so that is why the mulberry tree is red today.

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