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Hi ladies,   welcome to our 4th addition of our Family Newsletter.   Congratulations to our newest member of our family,   "Angeletta_7" .   

We have several very special Birthdays coming up this month :)   Anna__7   Feb. 6th  at  Haifishbar  11 pm pst.  *  7 pm GMT *  20 Uhr CET  *  6 am AECT (Sydney, Australia, Sat. Feb. 7th)  

Feb.  20th -  Cat_7  & Suzanne_7, Feb. 23 -  Anemaria_7,  and  MsAngel_HA7 has a Birthday on Feb.  27.     

Reminder:  March 1  -  Big Celebration  -  "The House Of The 7"   7th Anniversary Party. Time and Place will be announced.    


If anyone has anything they would like me to post in Newsletter-let me know.      

Here is the House of 7 blog url:

If you have any  good Recipes you would like to share-send to me, and I will post them here.    

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