inanimate Alice

My name is Alice i am 11 years old  

i live in a old apartment in Georgia USA  

my bed room is very small and boring   

my mom and dad do not have a lot of money so we have to take in a boarder

her name is Sam.   

i do not like her that much but my mom and dad thinks she is great

i have to share my tiny room with her.  

i go to school with Sam

we were waking home from school and we saw a group of kids.

they said hello to sam

i ask Sam who they where   she said they were her kids she knew.I ask how she knew them

I ran back home and got out my player

the next day at school I avoided Sam wen we  got home mom was crying i ask how come. your dad is in the hospital  we went in to the car and drove to the hospital. we went to room 22

my dad was out of bed.

wen we got home mom told  me to go to the table i was so close to telling mom about SAM but my mom said dad may die. i ran to my room .   

Sam  knocked on the door.  

i  said go a way she said we sleep in the same room  i said fine come in but we have to talk

I looked Sam i the eye . I showed her the picture and story I fond of her

The girl who was fond stilling from corner store .

I said why did you not tell use Sam said I wanted to star a new life  ok but please don't tell your mum I won't but at some point i will have to

the next day mom made use diner i said after diner can i go see dad OK but sam will go with you. fine but you do as i say. we walk over to the hospilal

we went to room 22 dad was in bed

he said Sam come in i ran out and went home i decided to tell mom about Sam she look surprised  the next day sam got pushed out

how ever i sorta mis her.

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