All About Cristina Moran

I was Born in February 7,1998 in CU  Irvine Medical Center :)Of course both of my parent"s were there fourth beautiful princess was born;)

I am Cristina Moran The Daughter of two hard-working,wonderful, caring, responsible   Parent"s <3:) i have 6 sister"s no brothers, I'm 17 years old I go to San Andrea's high School i'm a junior! I live in San Bernardino, CA  Where I met my King<3 we been together for a 1 year&two months he's also part of my family!!!!!

I would Love to Live in the state of North Carolina because i wanna try something new something way better then California through out my whole childhood I've  live in San Bernardino CA so it time for me to go away start something new,i 'm  just tired of Cali Living Cali Weather.

I want to be able to work as a nurse,I might work at a hospital helping patients.I am interested in this as a  job and career because  i love helping others,

'Yes's i will like to have a family,i Love kids but,they are hard to take care,i will like to have a baby-boy& a baby-girl!!!Of course:) I love pets but, i wont be able to take care of them or a least show them love....

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