My favorite season is winter because you can do more things than just play outside you can build snowmen and have a snowball fights,sled,snowboard,ice skate,figure skate

Winter is my favorite season because it is majestic and I like to watch the snow fall on the ground and  like Olaf. I like mountains covered in snow  because they look good mixed together. Also almost my whole family loves winter because no school and sometimes no work.  But the one thing i don't like about winter is the slick roads and all the car crashes that happen in winter. Once again Winter is my favorite season because you can do way more things than just play outside.

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3 years ago

Who does this belong to? No author's name. Also you were not suppose to put the name of your season anywhere in the title, text or picture clue. Remember, the reader should infer what your season is. Please resubmit