By:Lorena Garcia


Do you want to know how to get better at doing gymnastics, or even begin doing gymnastics? Then this tack might answer some of your questions. This tack will show you tip’s on what to do and what not to do, tips that will show you on what to do to not get hurt.


Gymnastics is a fun sport. This tack will give you information on what to do before you get started, what to wear to do gymnastics, things you learn in gymnastics, what to do to get better at gymnastics, and why you should follow your coach instructions.

Things you learn in gymnastics

There are tons of things you learn in gymnastics. Like you get to learn tricks on the floor, on the trampoline, on the beam, and even on bars. But you also have to be very careful doing tricks on bars, beam, and on the floor because so you don’t mess up and get hurt.

What to wear to do gymnastics

In gymnastics, you might want to wear not so tight clothes because, you’re not going to be able to do some flexible gymnastics tricks. A good example would be doing the splits. Another clothes to not wear is warm clothes because you can get sweaty doing gymnastics.

What to do before you get started

Before you go to a gymnastics lesson, don’t eat heavy food, otherwise you would get a stomach ache. Because of this, in gymnastics you move a lot and it won’t be good if you have food in your stomach. Before you start a gymnastics lesson, you first have to stretch, because so you can get warmed up before the lesson. And also stretching will make you more flexible.

Follow your coach instructions

If you want to know how to learn gymnastics faster and easier, just listen to your coach instructions. Listening to your coach will make things safer. If you need help with something just tell the coach you need help. They will help you learn on what you need help with.

What to do to get better at gymnastics

To get better at gymnastics, you have to use all your strength as possible, that way you’ll be better at gymnastics. Two examples would be handstands, and back bends. Another thing is that, practice on what you’re having trouble with in gymnastics. Don’t rush on practicing, because it takes time learning how to do something new.


If you do what you’re supposed to do, doing what the coach says, be good on discipline, and do your best, at the end, you’re going to be great at doing gymnastics.


Bars: Bars is one of the things in gymnastics that you do flip’s on, but except, you have to hold on to the bar to do flips.

Beam: Beam is another thing you get to do flip’s on, except on this one you have to stand on the beam.

Trampoline: On the trampoline, you get to do flip’s on too, but this one, you bounce while you do flips.

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