Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country filled with romantic landscapes, governed by rising mountains, lush forests, ocean like tanks and gushing waterfalls. It was considered a lost paradise by early explorers who ran into the country. The coasts of Sri Lanka have also been noted as being "postcard worthy".

Today, Sri Lanka's population sits at around 20.48 million inhabitants and and the life expectancy of this population is 74.07 years with the birth rate being at around 2.35 births per woman. The infant mortality rate is 9.47 deaths to 1,000 live births. For every 1,000 citizens, there are 0.7 doctors. The Gross Domestic Product for Sri Lanka in 2013 was 67.18 billion USD. With the products exported by Sri Lanka, the total country trade is $10.2B. With the products imported by Sri Lanka, the total country trade is $17.7B. With a literacy rate of 98.1%, Sri Lanka has the highest literacy rate of South Asia and one of the highest in all of Asia. For every 1,000 Sri Lanka citizens, there are 76 cars.

The needs of Sri Lanka are fairly low. There is a big need for doctors, but nothing else is really a necessity or big issue. They could make more money off of exports and imports, but they are just a third-world country. The literacy rate is great, however. The doctor situation can be fixed. There doesn't need to be that many doctors for 1,000 people.