How Many Features Do You Know about Roll Forming Machine?

The bottom of the box procedures certainly, and transport to the unpacking machine after sealing by adhesive tape. Automatic carton roll forming equipment and automatic roll forming machine are the flow-line equipments of large quantities of automatic carton box, automatic folding below the cover and automatically sealing the bottom with adhesive tapes. All of the machines are adopted PLC and screen control, which is great usefully to operate; it is an essential equipment of automatically scale production.

Working principle of roll forming machine is different from roof panel roll forming machine that a craft process which is similar to the injector by injecting, which uses thrust of screw to inject the plastic has good plasticizing in a molten state in to good mould cavity closure after curing finalize the design the product. It is a cyclic process, and it mainly contains quantitative feeding-plasticizing, injection pressure, melt filling mold cooling and pick-up. Close again after taking out the plastic mold, then for the next cycle.

Such a kind of roll forming machine which is unlike cold roll forming machine has many characteristics and use methods. The computer of roll forming machine adopts imported PLC computer chip, matches to LCD, self diagnosis system of backup software failure and the function of correcting the error to make the operation become more convenient, its control program is designed with the fool and can work without a professional training. Differed from cold roll forming machine, roll forming machine is drove by full hydraulic pressure, which has the first steeples frequency modulation technology in the domestic and solves the fitness of different materials to improve the density of the materials, shorten the forming cycle.

There are some use methods of metal roll forming machine. Firstly, choosing flat mesa and put the machine stably which makes the machine panel to be convenient for observation. Inserting the plug of hand-held into the socket on the panel and tighten, and should focus on the positioning gap. Inserting one side of the plug into the socket behind the machine, the other side inserts into the power supply socket, the power source must be single-phase three-wire.

The cable tray roll forming machine can work after turning on the master switch on the rear panel, then pressing the switching key and waiting for the green light lightened. Set the right values between 0.5 and 2.0 seconds by pressing the setting button.

Put the induction head on the container, press the starting button on the handle, when the red indicating light of HEATING is lighted, which means it is heated, at this moment, don’t move the sensing head. When the red indicating light of HEATING is turning off, then can move the sensing head. If the button of WARM UP is pressing to light, after this indication the sealing operation can be done in the next container.

The statement above is about the characteristics and use methods of roll forming machine, it is very useful for using this kind of machine.

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