chikungunya is a virus that is spread by mosquitos. The Chikungunya virus is in the Togaviridae family.

Usually, the symptoms of chikungunya start about 3-7 days after the bite from the mosquito. What happens to the body after you get is the body gets hot and you have joint pain, sometimes you can have headache, swelling and a rash. Chikungunya is technically not human contagious, but can be spread easily. Mosquitos are very tiny little bugs, so they can fly around biting people all over the place. There is no treatment for chikungunya, but it's rarely deadly. Most people can live with chikungunya.You can prevent getting chikungunya by wearing lots of bugspray. A celebrity with this disease is Lindsay Lohan. She caught the virus while vacationing in french polynesia, and before she had it, I don't think people even knew what it was- or if it existed. It brought attention because Lindsay said the virus was difficult, but she wouln't let it affect her, given that it's incurable. This disease has totally outbroke in the more tropical areas, and hass caused problems with the people who work there, and travelers. The current information on this virus is, that it's incurable, not usually deadly, and causes a lot of joint pain. Like I said earlier, usually people don't die from it (it's very rare) and it just causes pain in the joints and is with you your entire life.

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