Machine Guns in WWl

By: Dewar, Biskuit, Bo, Maria, Noel

Machine Guns in WW1

The invention of machine guns during World War I impacted the way wars were fought drastically. Machine guns in the war were some of the most common tactical weapons used in the height of the war. The average machine gun weighed between 65-130 pounds, which made them difficult to maneuver to different positions around the battlefield. Machine guns were planted on flat tripods that required 4-6 operators. Versions of the early machine guns were able 400-600 small caliber rounds per minute. After firing many rounds from the machine guns the barrel would overheat causing it jam and stop shooting. This led to the invention of the water jacket, which was a cylinder that you put around the barrel with air pockets that would allow the steaming air to escape.

Maschinengewehr 08
The MG-08 first machine gun developed in WWl. This weapon was developed in the German Empire in 1908. This model could fire up to 400 rpm using 250-round fabric belts with 7.29x57mm ammunition. The MG-08 was capable of firing up to 2200 yards with high accuracy and 3800 yards maximum with low accuracy. These machine guns could be shortened and modified so they could be suitable for aircraft.

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