The capital of Venezuela is Caracas, located in northern,  South America. Their main language they speak is Spanish. Venezuela is home to 31.4 million people, and life expectancy is said to be 74.5 years of age. The average age is 27 years.


     Venezuela's Major landforms include the huge mountain range, called the Andes, the Amazon jungle, and lastly the Guiana Highlands. The Country has many geographical landmarks, such as the Angel falls which is the longest waterfall in the world, the Pico Boliviar a architectural land mark that rises 15,633ft, and lastly the national park called Mochima, El Morro which is a marine habitat home to many reptiles and 78 mammal species. Venezuela has many6 large bodies of water including almost the longest river, the Oricono R. stretching about 1,700 miles. Other bodies of water include lake Valencia the third largest lake in Venezuela, and the lake Maracaibo the largest lake in South America. Major cities of Venezuela include Valencia, Caracas the capital of Venezuela, and Marapay located in the middle of Venezuela.


      Venezuela's usual season weather includes dry and rainy seasons. in the fall and winter the temperatures are cold and rainy, and in spring and summer the temperature is hot and dry. Since Venezuela is dry and hot the country's average rainfall is about 1250mm a year. Venezuela is rich from oil, and since the country suffers due to it's a geographical landforms, the climate will ruin them because of it's vulnerable ecosystem.


Venezuela has a type of government called federal presidential republic, the executive is held by the president, and the legislative is held by the national assembly.

Venezuela's major religion is roman catholic, about 90 percent and the rest is other.

Venezuela has variety of food and restaurants. The cooking includes European, indigenous, and African roots. These dishes include pabellon, a shredded meat with rice and black beans, cachapa a sweet corn pancake served with cheese, and arepas, which is round cornmeal biscuit.

Venezuela music is very diverse including genres like,Venezuela’s indigenous peoples, pop, rock, and other western music. The most popular genre is Joropo.

Venezuela sports include tennis, baseball, and basketball. Venezuela take these sports as a profession, and are a big part of Venezuela culture.

Interesting facts

"It is against the law for homosexuals to donate blood or plasma."

"Violent video games are banned."

"It is illegal to have sex with an idiot, in Valencia."

piranha, primitive hoatzin birds, jaguars, ocelots, tapirs, armadillos, and anteaters are the diverse animals in Venezuela.

Boats is the main transportation in Venezuela, since there is a lot of islands off the coast, other transportation include buses, trams, and cars.


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