Afrah Howlader and Lexie Ream

Population: 520,672

Life Expectancy: 80 years

Poverty Rate: 11%

Unemployment Rate: 18.8%

Number of Internet Users: 92%

Gross National Product (GNP): 34.65 billion PPP dollars (2012)

Challenges in the Future: The public budget deficit may rise, and they don't use their women to their economic advantage, and overpopulation is becoming an issue.

Culture: They are very influenced by French and German culture because those are it's border. Also, a lot of people are trilingual because of the influence. In the past, many people from Portugal migrated to Luxembourg and they make up a part of the population. They are very rich in history. Also, they are generous, because about one-third of GDP is spent on welfare programs. Men and women are fairly equal.

Language: Luxembourgish, French, German

Religion: Roman Catholic

Type of government: Constitutional Monarchy


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