Santa contest

26th dec to 31st dec 2014

Hi, I Hope you all had a great Christmas ................. I have been bored of wearing the same old clothes for way too long and this year I am changing my clothes.

I have come across a cool, new brand KULTPRIT and I completely dig their collection. Help me choose my outfit for the New Year's party and you stand a chance to win one of their KULT KITS.

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Santa : 3 Lucky winners stand a chance to win T-shirts from the exclusive 2015 Urban Kollection from KULTPRIT:

KULTPRIT #1 -1 "Mr/Miss Kultprit Tshirt", 1 Tshirt of your choice(from the Urban Kollection-link below), 1 Kultprit mask & 1 cool Kultprit poster.

KULTPRIT #2 -1 "Mr/Miss Kultprit" Tshirt", 1 "Jogging with Mr/Miss Bone" Tshirt from the Urban Kollection & 1 cool Kultprit Poster.

KULTPRIT #3 -1 "Mr/Miss Kultprit Tshirt" & 1 cool Kultprit poster.

Contest rules -

Santa: It is simple, visit the KULTPRIT facebook page (, help me choose my Tshirt from the 3 t-shirts on their page.

The Tshirt with the most number of shares will be my chosen T-shirt for the New Year's Party. The share with the maximum likes will be termed as the KULTPRIT #1, the maximum likes on the second highest shared t-shirt will be KULTPRIT #2 and so on...


# Winner will be announced on the 31st night.

# The contest is open for all men and women interested in free goodies.

# Make sure your share on FB is a public one, so that i know who you are :)

Go be a Kultprit!!!!

hohohohohohohooohooooo :)

The cool Urban Kollection link is right below :)

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