Waiting Patiently.
(A WWII Historical Fiction)
By Brooke

   I just watched my dad climb into the boat to go to World War ll. It was terrible. My name is Brooke and I am 12 years old. I live in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, with my mom, my brother, and my dog. My dad just left for War. It's going to be hard for the next several years. I don't even know how long he will be gone. It's all a mystery.

   I remember then moment my dad left. It wasn't that long ago. My family was all there having a good life, until he had to leave.

 "I'm so sorry I have to leave, guys" my dad apologized. "I promise I will try to write.''

  "Bye dad. I miss you already." I pouted.

  I watched my dad climb into Queen Elizabeth with a lot of other people, and then a few minutes later they sailed away. They got smaller and smaller as they got farther and farther away. Everybody was either waving or crying, or just doing both at the same time. I missed my dad already. I think this was the saddest moment in my life. I pulled out a picture I had kept of him and looked at it. I looked at it for a really long time.

   My mom interrupted me and said "Come on kids, we should head home now." I walked away with her crying.

   Once we were back home it felt really weird. It didn't feel complete. It felt like he has been gone for a year and he hasn't even been gone for a day yet! All I want to do for the next few years is stay inside.

    My mom always yells at me and my brother and says "Get up and go outside. Just because dads gone doesn't mean you can't be active!''

   "Nooooooooo" I pouted. " Do I even have to go to school?"

   "Okay fine. You can stay inside, but you still have to go to school." my mom said.

  School is going to be weird for the first few weeks of school. Mostly all the kids dads or uncles or someone is in their family is in the war. Some of the teachers husbands are even gone! If one person brings their dads being gone up in school and someone really sad overhears them they'll start bursting out crying, and then the teachers have to take them somewhere else and have a little talk with them about why they had to go and all that kind of stuff. That's happened  more than ten times in the past week. I don't get sad and cry though. I know my dad is going to come back. What I say to everybody is that you have to be patient.

   It's now 1941 and I'm fifteen years old and in high school. My dad is still not back and me and all of my friends are still waiting for our dads come back.

"Honey we got a letter from dad!" my mom said.

"Yay! I'm coming to read it!" I exclaimed.

The letter said:


Dear Brooke,

I miss you. I promise the war will be over soon. I really want to see you. Tell everyone that I miss them too. There is a lot going on so this letter won't be very long. You might not see another letter from me again before I come back.

Love you, Dad.

It is now 1945 and the war finally ended. I am 18 years old. My dad will be so proud of how I grew up.

"Here comes the boat!" somebody yelled.

Everybody was cheering for all the troops that made it back from the war. There were almost 15,000 people on the boat. They started unloading and I saw my dad get off. I ran and ran until I hugged him. I was so happy to see him. He had some wounds from where he had gotten shot, but he was okay.

"DAD!" I exclaimed "YOUR BACK!"

My family did a huge group hug. We were all together again. It was the best moment of my life.  

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