Caught in the Act

By: Alba Hernandez

Caught in the Act

One of the reins has broken on Slim’s lead horse. The leather strap whipped back and hit him in the face so he is heading back to the bunk house to grab his pain pills off the shelf above his bed. He arrives to find Curley’s wife, alone. Sobbing at the table where they usually play cards. Slim walks over to ask her what’s wrong and says, “Good lookin’, what’s the sobbing for?” Curley’s wife gestures with her hand on her chest, as to show how hurt she is. “Im sore as hell of Curley treatin’ me like I can’t have friends”, she says. “Mrs, well all you have to do is use your flapper to let him know how you feel”, says Slim in sincerity. Curley’s wife takes a deep breath and starts to reluctantly speak again.

Instead, Curley’s wife gets up and leaves the bunk house. Slim watches as she leaves without a word. He continues to look for his pills on top of the shelf. Speaking to himself Slim says, “Damn those pills ain’t here.” He looks curiously under the bed. He hears footsteps approaching the bunk house, expecting Curley. “Slim, Why’d you ask me what’s wrong?” says Curley’s wife bursting back into the bunk house. Without holding back Slim tells her “You ain’t no poison, you a purty lady no one wants to see you sob.” Curley’s wife approaches Slim with open arms.

Curley’s wife is suddenly has her arms around Slim. Slim in shock does the same and wraps his arms around her. “Good lookin’ I ain’t think this right”, Slim says. Curley’s wife without hesitation responds, “Slim, Curley don’t understand, let alone how to understand a wife.” They both stand there still hugging each other. Curley’s wife refuses to let go. Realizing that this moment could be last that anyone could share with her. She’s done sobbing & as she still hugs Slim she says, “Thank you.” When they both turn around, in shock they stand to see Curley infuriated with anger.

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