Betelgeuse is an orange star that is 642.5 light years away from earth and 3,500 K.

Betelgeuse acts as the shoulder of the Orion constellation. It is the 9th brightest star, and is 820,700,000 km around. The reason it is so bright is because it is an evolved red super giant, This means the core has used all of its available hydrogen in its core and is beginning nuclear fusion. Most scientist believe that it will explode in the next 100,000 years. It is currently at 7.7 solar mass, in other words it is 7.7 times larger than the sun, and it is still growing. When it explodes it will turn into a supernova, however, because it is so far away if it exploded in 2015, we wouldn't notice it until 2615.

Extra info

Betelgeuse is actual not as hot as the sun, the sun is around 6,000 K and Betelgeuse is only 3,500 K. However due to the sheer size and component of Betelgeuse it is much brighter. A comparison of the size: the Size of Betelgeuse is the size of the orbit of mars! lastly the name is translated to "Armpit of the giant in Arabic".

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