Do you want to terminate cyber bullying? If so, we have many tips below on how you can...


How to protect yourself...                                          Risks kids face online...

Never tell strangers:                                                     -viruses (computer)

- your full name                                                             -blackmail

-your address                                                                -intimidation

-your phone number                                                   -fake "friends" online

-your passwords                                                           -false language

-names of your relatives                                              -robbery

-credit card numbers                                                   -hacking accounts

______________________________________________________________________________Advice about Surfing Online/Accounts...                      Social Network Tips

-Think before you search                                              -Think before you post

-Don't swear!                                                                -Be honest if you're uncomfortable

-People aren't always who they say they are online    -Make passwords long and strong

-Post about others as you would want in return         -Keep personal info personal

______________________________________________________________________________Other Ideas for Safety Online                                                          

-Be careful what you say online (because you never know who's watching)

-Only talk to your real friends (because others might hack into your computer)

-Never post your schedule (because freaks might follow you)

-Never tell strangers where you are (because they can come after you)

-Don't tell anyone what/where your school is located (because they can show up)


By: Angela Still & Miranda De Luca (Cyber bully Terminators)

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