How robots and prosthetic's help people with disabilities.

I'm going to start on the robots and then I will do the prosthetic's on how they can help people with disabilities.First the robots can help them grab something if that person can not use there hands. If that person can not walk the robot can help them as if it is a wheel chair but a robot wheel chair. The robots can help that person be more independent in a way, the robot can clean and grab stuff and call and now almost anything a person can do but  not quite that much. If that person needs company and need someone to talk to the robot is almost always there. The robots can do a lot to help people with disabilities.

Now i'm going to start on how prosthetic's  can help people with disabilities. A prosthetic can help someone that has lost a limb it, some times can be rubber plastic or even metal. They give people that don't have an arm kind of give them an arm, if a person lost a leg then the prosthetic leg would give them almost another chance to walk again. They practicaly give them they're limb back but then they don't and it does take some time for them to get used to the prosthetic arm or leg that they get.