Examples of Activist Art

Ballad of Birmingham by Dudley Randall

“Mother dear, may I go downtown
Instead of out to play,
And march the streets of Birmingham
In a Freedom March today?”

“No, baby, no, you may not go,
For the dogs are fierce and wild,
And clubs and hoses, guns and jails
Aren’t good for a little child.”

“But, mother, I won’t be alone.
Other children will go with me,
And march the streets of Birmingham
To make our country free.”

“No, baby, no, you may not go,
For I fear those guns will fire.
But you may go to church instead
And sing in the children’s choir.”

She has combed and brushed her night-dark hair,
And bathed rose petal sweet,
And drawn white gloves on her small brown hands,
And white shoes on her feet.

The mother smiled to know her child
Was in the sacred place,
But that smile was the last smile
To come upon her face

For when she heard the explosion,
Her eyes grew wet and wild.
She raced through the streets of Birmingham
Calling for her child.

She clawed through bits of glass and brick,
Then lifted out a shoe.
“O, here’s the shoe my baby wore,
But, baby, where are you?”

The Domestic Violence Milk Carton Project by Peggy Diggs

This milk cartons were sold in selected grocery stores in 1992

Take a Stand (Idle No More) by Reddnation and Asani

Do Women Have To Be Naked to Get Into the Met? by Guerrilla Girls

Billboard - 1989
Billboard - 2005
Billboard - 2012

Q.U.E.E.N. (feat. Erykah Badu) by Janelle Monáe

Guernica by Pablo Picasso

Same Love by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis (feat. Mary Lambert)

International Shadow Project

Edmonton, 1985

Red Dress Project

Edmonton, 2012

Political Dance Project by the Martha Graham Dance Company

Street Art in Edmonton

Art Attack Sewing Machine by Banksy