Tools of the Trade

Mahadeo Basdeo

I have been learning about what the tools of the trade are. I am going to explain all of them to you.

  • Edmodo
  • Remind
  • Tackk
  • The IB Design Cycle



Edmodo is a tool you can use for Homework, Classwork, and Download files for school.

This is the link for the Edmodo

Edmodo is a benefit is that you can use when your're absent you can see what work you missed or what your homework is.


Remind is a safe way for teachers to text or e-mail student to let them know if they have a Quiz, Project, Homework or Field trip.

This is the link to the Remind

The benefit is for students not to forget what they have to do or what they are missing. is a theme based web/app for creating info-graphics and data visualizations.

This is the link for the is a great way to tell what is happening in the world or maybe even tell a story. People will mostly use this for a job or school.


Tackk is a website that you can use to create simple web pages. It can be used to advertise an event or just to announce something important.

This is the link for Tackk

Tackk is great way to get many types of information. You can also put out your own information. It is a great way to advertise something.

The IB Design Cycle

  • Inquiring and Analyzing
  1. Explain and justify the need for a solution.
  2. Identify and prioritize the primary and secondary research.
  3. Analyse a range of existing products.
  4. Develop a detailed design.
  • Developing ideas
  1. Develop a design specification.
  2. Develop a range of feasible design ideas.
  3. Present the final chosen design.
  4. Develop accurate and detailed planning drawings.
  • Creating the solution
  1. Construct a logical plan, which describes the efficient use of time and resources.
  2. Demonstrate excellent technical skills.
  3. Follow the plan to create the solution.
  4. Fully justify changes made to the chosen design.
  5. Present the solution as a whole.
  6. Through photographs of the solution.
  • Evaluating
  1. Design detailed and relevant testing methods.
  2. Critically evaluate the success of the solution.
  3. Explain how the solution could be improved.
  4. Explain the impact of the solution.

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