Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison was an inventor , a scientist and he has created many modren tools that we use today.Thomas Edison was born on February 11 1847. On 1854 the Edison family moved to Port Huron , Michigan. On 1863 Thomas Edison began to work as a telegraph operator. On 1869 Thomas Edison became a full time inventor. On 1871 Thomas Edison married Mary Stilwell. On 1876 Thomas Edison opened his laboratory in Menlo Park , New Jersey. On 1877 Thomas Edison invented the phonograph. On 1879 Thomas Edison invented the electric light bulb. On 1884 Mary Stilwell died. On 1886 Thomas Edison married Mina Miller. On 1887 Thomas Edison moved his laboratory to West Orange , New Jersey. On 1914 fire destroyed his laboratory. On 1931 Thomas Edison died):

And now you know about the life of Thomas Edison:)

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