What I've Learned

Starts with "I"

Right In Front of My Eyes

My Growth

1.) What actions did you run on your photos?

What I've Learned: Soft Matte and Sharpen.

Starts with "I": Butterfly Effect and Sharpen.

Right In Front of My Eyes: Chocolate Fade and Sharpen.

My Growth: Cooler, Nelly Nero Pop Monster, and Sharpen.

2.) Why did you run these actions?

What I've Learned: I didn't want the tree branch to be so dark.

Starts with "I": It really captured the innocents of the picture, which is what I was going for.

Right In Front of My Eyes: I was going for and old kind of look.

My Growth: I also wanted it to look old.

3.) Which is your favorite photo? WHY

Growth. I think it captures the theme very well.

4.) Which is your least favorite photo? WHY

What I've Learned. I wish the moon would of popped more.

What I've Learned