Journal #1

My civil war journal by Alex Lim my fake name is James Harrison

My name is James Harrison. I am 30 years old. I am a soldier on the Union side. I am from Chicago,IL. I grew up in New York. Then, I moved to New York to Illinois. I met my wife when I was 20 years old in a restaurant. Three years later, my wife and I decided to  married. After we got married, we bought a small cabin with 4 kids. I will serve for the Union side because I don’t think that slavery is right. Also, they have a better military than the confederates.

Journal #2

Nancy= I have no hornets for my pepper box. If a confederate finds out about me spying on them….I’m a dead women. For now, all I have is a arkansas toothpick. How about you Possum?

James Harrison= I am very fit to be tied because we do not have enough hornets and pepper boxes. Maybe, you should get more hornets and pepperbox from your possum.

Nancy=Nah.. I’ll take some from the fresh fish. They’ll skidaddle when I come around. Anyway, I hear you are going to attack the graybacks soon. You better be hard case against those buffoons.

James Harrison= Yeah, I will get some pepper boxes from a possum or the grayback’s when we defeat them. We also will take some jailbirds.

Nancy=Hunkey dorey! After that we will celebrate with some joy juice. I will also grab a root.

James Harrison= That’s great! I will also grab some goober from a goober store.

Nancy=Yeah, you guys have been through the mill. Plus, you guys are still fit as a fiddle.

James Harrison= Yeah, we been through the mill for a while. All of my possum are fit as a fiddle.

Nancy=Well I'm played out. I’m gonna hit the hay and going to get snug as a bug.

James Harrison=Me too.

civil war camp life picture. I chose this picture because it shows how soldiers were like during camp life. Photo prompt: civil war life camp

Journal #3

Dear my wife Sarah,

I am in a camp close by the Mississippi River right now. Sometimes it's a rough day at my camp and sometimes it's a normal day at my camp. Some soldiers had to do some chores today like bring a wine to a general, clean some dishes and bring some foods for the other soldiers. Sometimes, I had to do some chores too. We usually do some chores like every three weeks. As a punishment, when a soldier disrespects to a general the general decides what punishments they want. Some generals likes to tie a soldier around a chair and the general leaves that soldier in a tent about three hours. Also, when a soldier steals a knife from a soldier the general will tie a soldier in a table, the general will bury that soldier right by where he lives and the general will let him stay there about 1 hour. Hopefully I will come back home soon. Anyway, goodbye my dear wife Sarah

                                                                                              Love your husband,

                                                                                              James Harrison

I chose this morning picture because it shows that the Unions are getting up in the morning and doing their duty. Photo prompt: Morning

Journal #4

When creating our story we read pages 1, 2, 5, 10 and 18.

Jeremiah, when you chose to fight in the war and went back home, what caused you to make that choice? 

Jeremiah, looking back what is something in your life that you are proud or

happy about? I am proud of when I went back home. Also, I am proud of when I fought in the war for a while. 

Jeremiah, what is one thing about your life you wish had been different? I wish that I never went to war.

Jeremiah, how did you survived during the seven skirmishes?


Journal #5 song

Title of the song: Our True Battles

Verse 1

We are the Unions, we are here to stop slavery, 

Our true battle was disaster and a lot of soldiers died.

We prayed and we marched to battle.

We saw a bunch of Confederates, we shot them to death and they shot us back,

We never gave up to fight for freedom,

Our true battles is very true.


At least we won some battles, Hip hip hurray!

Some of the battles we lost, dang it!

But we still never gave up!

We know that we are going to win the rest of the battles!

We know that we could capture the rest of the Confederates troops!

And we going to end slavery forever!

verse 2

On this day of Battle of Bull Run!

The Confederates were marching towards us!

And we marched toward them!

We lost our first battle!

But we never gave up!

We ran back to Washington Dc and made an another plan!

verse 3

On this day of Battle of Vicksburg,

We know that the Confederate are going to surrender!

The Confederate armies were too sick to fight!

The Confederates never celebrated in Vicksburg again until world war II!

We were very happy during this day!

Verse 4

On this day of Battle of Gettysburg,

We killed a lot of Confederates troops and capture them!

We were happy that we won the war,

But the Confederates escaped to go back to their place!

Abe Lincoln wasn't happy that Lee and his army escaped!

But we still celebrated for our great victory!  

Dear Henry,         Journal #6      

Our campsite is close by the Mississippi River. For fun, we like to play some cards, play baseball sometimes, talk to each other and make jokes and we like to play chess. My favorite food is cornmeal. Here is the recipe for cornmeal, you will like it. First, you have to cut some beef and put them in a tray. Then, you have get some corn, cut all the small pieces of the corn and put those corns inside the tray. Third, you have to get some bacon and put those delicious bacon in the tray. Last, we cook all of these delicious food in a big pan and we eat them. Hope you like our amazing recipe and have a good day my friend!

                                                                                        From your friend,

                                                                                         James Harrison


These are the Unions. I chose this photo because it shows that the Unions are making a plan for the next battle. Photo prompt: battle

Journal #7  (illness and injuries).

I saw a union soldier have his leg ripped off from artillery.  It was the most disgusting thing I have ever seen.  I then immediately called for a medic to come and take him back to base, where he will be treated.  One time, I saw a union soldier go to the bathroom.  Suddenly, we heard some groaning from where he was.  When he came back, he told us that he had some diarrhea.  Also, during battle, one of my buddies got shot in the arm.  I went over to him/ and took him to some cover.  I pulled out a long piece of cloth and tied it around the wound so the bleeding would not be as bad.  I called a medic over to take the my wounded buddy back to base.  But as he was coming, he got shot straight through the head.  So I decided to pick him up, and carry him back myself.  Also, as we were getting ready to move on, I saw someone struggling to get up.  I walked towards him and asked if he was alright.  He told me that his stomach felt weird.  I told him to open his shirt, only to find maggots on his stomach.  I told a doctor to treat this man.  So he did, but I never saw that soldier ever again.

These Unions are playing cards for fun. Photo prompt: Fun

This is a picture of my home. Photo prompt: Home 

Journal #8

When I got back home from those battles I fought, my wife and my four kids were waiting for me outside by the front door. They were happy to see me again. We hugged together with great joy for a while. After that,we went back inside and I get to see my favorite pan again. It was a gray pan I got since my 21st birthday. I felt really happy that I came back home with my families. Also,  I felt pretty sad when I came back home because I couldn't see my friends for a while. I also felt happy because there no more wars again.

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