Tang Dynasty

    The Tang Dynasty began in 618 and lasted until 907 A.D. , about 300 years. At its largest it occupied an area of about 5,400,000 square kilometers, and had a population of 80,000,000 people. With such a large population armies of hundreds of thousands of troops were formed to deal with nomads attempting to dominate inner Asia, and trade routes along the silk road. The silk road helped the Dynasty extend westward and connected China with western cultures such as the Muslim and Byzantine Empires. The capital of the Tang Dynasty was located in Chang'an. At the time it was the most highly populated city in the world.The Tang Dynasty was founded by the Li family, who gained power after the collapse of the Sui Empire. The Tang Dynasty also greatly influenced neighboring states such as Korea, Japan, and Vietnam.

The tang dynasty, located in china along part of the silk road

Influence on Japan and Korea

     Much of Japan and Korea's culture was borrowed from the Chinese during the Tang Dynasty. One idea was their religion, Buddhism. This was an Asian religion founded by Siddartha  Gautama in northeast India. The Tang's writing system was borrowed as well. The Tang writing system led to the creation of poetry. Poetry was extremely popular in the Tang Dynasty. About 48,900 poems were created by 2,200 different authors, and poetry contests were common. Another idea borrowed from the Chinese was confucianism, a social philosophy developed from the teachings of Confucious. The main idea of confucianism was for people to accept their role in society, filial piety, and to follow the five relationships. Chinese also had a great respect for nature, and this also influenced Japan and Korea's culture.

An example of Chinese calligraphy


     The Chinese made many contributions to our society, and created many inventions. Although the Chinese had many advanced technologies, they did not become a very advanced powerful Empire because of their beliefs. The Chinese followed confucianism. They accepted what came their way and did not look for change. One contribution that changed the world was gunpowder. It is believed that this was first invented by Chinese looking for a way to create immortality. The Chinese mainly used gunpowder for fireworks. It was not until later that this powder was used to fire bulllets. The gunpowder consisted of strange ingredients such as pig urine and feces. Its a wonder that Chinese ever discovered how to create it. Another contribution was the compass. The Chinese first created this as a way to tell the future. Their invention was later adapted by other cultures to create the compass. The Chinese also invented the first mechanical clock, powered by water. Another invention was porcelain, a hard translucent white ceramic. The Chinese created the spinning wheel, a device used to twist fibers into thread. One final contribution of the Tang Dynasty was block printing. This was used to print text, images, and patterns on textiles or paper.

Gun Powder

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